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Chris Porsz – A Smile Goes A Long Way


Video clip of the building of Peterborough Town Bridge, 1934.

Video of Peterborough Station – 18th April 1989.

A fascinating computer generated video clip of old Peterborough railways by Marcus Thompson.

A colour simulation of a freight trains journey through Werrington & up to Rhubarb Bridge during the late 1950’s. All buildings have been placed onto an OS map to give a sense of scale, & are mapped using TRS2006 & Gmax. In real life, Walton Crossing has been replaced by a footbridge, Sages operates under different owners, Brotherhoods is now a retail park & Morrisons. Rhubarb Bridge was demolished in the early 60’s to be later (1974) replaced by a bridge of the same name carring the A47 dual carriageway over the railway.. All the fields on view are now covered by factory units or houses.

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