Murkett Bros. Ltd – Vauxhall Viva Advert 1964

Here’s one I have dusted off from my collection. An advert from January 1964 for the Vauxhall Viva. This 1 Litre beast could be purchased from Murkett Bros. Ltd who were situated on London Road, Peterborough. Murketts still exist as a Vauxhall dealership but no longer have premises in Peterborough.  (as always, click on image […]

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New Houses At Atherstone Avenue, Westwood, Peterborough – 1965


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Punks Walking along Bridge Street, Peterborough – Early 1980s


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New Section Added To Gallery – Maps

I have added a new section to the gallery dedicated to old maps of the Peterborough area. This didn’t exist on the old gallery but while I have been looking through my stash of images I have come across quite a few old maps and these can be fairly interesting when looking at how Peterborough […]

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1930s Peterborough Cinema Adverts Video

I stumbled across this one by accident whilst browsing on youtube today and what a gem it is! the 5 minute video clip feature adverts for local companies that were shown in Peterborough Cinemas circa 1939. I will also add it to the videos page as a permanent link.

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10 Gladstone Area Photographs Added

My apologies for the lack of regular updates, worklife has been very hectic – let’s see if we can make up for it! First up is a collection of 10 photographs from Chris Porsz’ vast library of photographs – these cover the Gladstone area of Peterborough. As always, head on over to the gallery by […]

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2 New photographs added to the Gallery

Two new photographs from Chris Porsz’ collection have been added to the gallery. One has been added to the ‘People’ section and the other has been added to the ‘Gladstone’ section. Click on the ‘Gallery’ link on the left to view them.

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