Peterborough East Station – 1937

I’m sure someone could name what type of steam engine this is, waiting at the platform at Peterborough East, unfortunately I do not have any idea. Peterborough East was located close to the Peterborough United ground car park, the name of the road that still exists today kind of gives it away, East Station Road. Looking at overhead views on Google Maps, outlines of old track and the station itself can easily be seen.

Peterborough East Station - 1937

Peterborough East Station – 1937

February 23, 2013 · Nik_W · One Comment
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  1. kevin williams - May 28, 2013

    Hi, After 27 years living in and around Peterborough and not taking much notice except for the changes that were obvious at the time, I am now far away in Newcastle and missing the old place. As to the locomotive it appears to be ex Great Eastern, then LNER “Claud Hamilton” class 4-4-0 LNER classification D14,D15,D16. The originals were withdrawn by 1931, so as this is dated 1937 it is either D15 “Belpaire Clauds” (the most likely as it is shown with a belpaire firebox) or D16 “Super Clauds”. My money is on D15 class.

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