Peterborough In Pictures would like to thank the following people/organisations:

* The late Harold Burleigh Thompson for taking some wonderful black & white photographs from the 1920s onwards.

* Marcus Thompson for supplying and giving us permission to use his late grandfather’s photographs and providing information and also supplying his own photographs.

* Marion Brown for help with identifying locations, invaluable information and encouragement!

* Christine Parker of Caverstede Early Years Centre for allowing us to use photographs from the archive.

* Dick Preston of Westwood Works Website for allowing us to use photographs from the Baker Perkins/APV Baker archives.

* The kind people of the Peterborough Memories Yahoo Group for helping with locations and sharing their memories of Peterborough.

* Carl Speechley for sending photographs of the Peter Pan Public House, Dogsthorpe and Demolition of Bridge Pub and Millionaires.

* David Leishman for sending photographs of Cathedral Square and Kings School.

* Alan Cunnington for sending information about cinemas in the Peterborough area and the photograph displayed on the Peterborough Showground page.

* Chris Porsz for sending over 1500 various photographs of the Peterborough area during the redevelopment of the late 1970s and early 1980s.

* Toby Wood for sending a CD full of fantastic images and emailing images of Barretts store in Westgate.

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