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The Old Peterborough District Hospital – Video

Here’s a video I stumbled across on Youtube. It was taken once the hospital had been vacated and features some stunning views.

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Chris Porsz – A Smile Goes A Long Way

check out this 14 minute movie of Chris Porsz doing his thing! This movie features Chris photographing a reunion of folk he captured on film 30 years ago! The movie can be viewed at Chris Porsz’s own website HERE or simply view below:

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Peterborough City Centre 1944-1945 Video Clip

I have finally finished editing the video clip I have had stored on my laptop for a few months and uploaded to YouTube. It features Peterborough City Centre (Cathedral Square and Bridge Street) just before the end of the war and end of the war celebrations. The video can be viewed below.

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1930s Peterborough Cinema Adverts Video

I stumbled across this one by accident whilst browsing on youtube today and what a gem it is! the 5 minute video clip feature adverts for local companies that were shown in Peterborough Cinemas circa 1939. I will also add it to the videos page as a permanent link.

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