Garton End Road – 1939

A flooded view of Garton End Road ‘S bend’ taken in 1939.


Garton End Road – 1939

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Peterborough Bridge Fair – Early 1980s

Three wonderful colour photographs of the Bridge Fair taken by Chris Porsz during the early 1980s.


Bridge Fair, Early 1980s


Bridge Fair, Early 1980s


Bridge Fair, Early 1980s

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Cowgate – Early 1980s

Looking towards the end of Cowgate, photographed by Chris Porsz, early 1980s.


Cowgate, early 1980s

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Brief History of the end of Cowgate

The following piece was written early 1970s so much of what it describes no longer exists:

The End of Cowgate

From the western side of the Crescent roundabout the pattern of the roads of sixty years ago can still be seen.

Ahead is the end of Cowgate where the level crossing of the railway divided it from Thorpe Road and to the right is the entrance to Station Road and St Leonard’s Street which were there only separated by a strip of pavement and a row of bollards. To the left is the entrance to the railway yard which then housed the Goods Station and the Coal Depot.

The level crossing had two sets of gates with sufficient room between them for a horse and vehicle. It was similar to the crossing at Walton before the recent alterations but on the right hand side was the entrance to the Subway which had been built in response to public demand for a bridge after a pedestrian had been killed at the crossing in 1884. The bridge which swept all of them away was opened in 1912 and took it’s name from the crescent of houses on the site of W. H. Smiths on the Thorpe Road side which was pulled down at the same time.

The present railway offices occupy the old Peterborough Hotel, the licence of which was at the same time transferred to the newly erected George Hotel further along St Leonard’s Street. Local gossip declared the new hotel took it’s name from the landlord of the old one – George Catlin – who was a well known and respected citizen.


End of Cowgate, early 1970s

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Bristol Lodekka Bus, Cowgate – 1974

A Bristol Lodekka FLF photographed just outside Sycamores, Cowgate – 1974


Bristol Lodekka FLF, Cowgate – 1974

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Peterborough General Electric, Cowgate – 1956

Peterborough General Electric shop, photographed 1956.


Peterborough General Electric, 1956


Peterborough General Electric Shop, 1956

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Cowgate, 1956

Cowgate, photographed during 1956.


Cowgate, 1956

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Caverstede Early Years Centre/Caverstede Nursery

More photographs of Caverstede Nursery can be found on our Facebook page.


Caverstede Road Nursery – 1949


Caverstede Nursery School – 1956


Caverstede Nursery School – 1965


Caverstede Nursery – 1973


Caverstede Nursery – 1995


Caverstede Early Years Centre – 2007

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Kings School, Park Road, Peterborough – 1959


Kings School, Park Road, Peterborough – 1959

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Cowgate – Early 1980s

Cowgate as photographed by Chris Porsz during the early 1980s


Cowgate – Early 1980s

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Hillards and Hereward Radio, Bridge Street – 1980s

Hillards will be a name that is familiar with folks that have lived in Peterborough for many years. It was a shop quite similar to the likes of Tesco. It closed during the early 1980s and the site was eventually demlolished to make way for the Rivergate development that exists today. Hereward Radio that can also be seen in one of the photographs, moved to Queensgate once that opened. Hereward Radio no longer exists as a local radio station.


Hillards & Hereward Radio – 1980s


Hillards prior to demolition – 1980s

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Theatre Royal & Empire Flyer and Programme – 1956

Here we have are scans of an original flyer and programme for a show at the Empire Theatre dated October 1956.




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Newspaper Advertisement – Bull Hotel

Bull Hotel advert found in a local newspaper during 1982


Bull Hotel Advert 1982

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Newspaper Advertisement – Smith Motors, Bretton, Peterborough

For great cars, great service and great deals, call in to your friendly Vauxhall/Opel dealer‘ – an advert that was placed in the Evening Telegraph during 1982 by Smith Motors, Bretton Way, Peterborough.


Smith Motors, Bretton, Peterborough

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Lido/Outdoor Swimming Pool

Here we have three photographs of the outdoor swimming pool/Lido, Bishops Road, Peterborough. Dates these photograph were taken are unknown. Thanks to Chris Allen for allowing us to use these photographs.




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